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Monday, February 08, 2016

Valentine's Day is around the corner - it is less than six days away! The whole weekend I have been giddy with excitement. I am so excited to spend a weekend with Joe and to just spend some cozy time together. Joe and I have a really great, healthy relationship that is filled with so much love. That love just keeps growing everyday, too! Joe is very romantic and does so many thoughtful things for me all the time. He is such a gentleman and the person that he is makes me proud to be his. I love growing with him and he has been the biggest blessing in my life ever since I met him. He is my best friend, my rock and my lover and I have SO much fun going on all of our endless adventures together! We met for the first time a couple years ago right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas - literally! There is a huge metal sculpture in the shape of a heart at the front of container park. Visitors come and add their lock to it similar to Paris' Love Locks Bridge. Last Valentine's, Joe bought a gold heart and we went together and picked a spot right up front to place it. He has one key and I have the other. It is so special because that is where we met almost two years ago to date and you all know how much I love downtown anyway :) Also, it's a good thing we chose to put ours on the front because actually about a month or so ago, the back piece was removed from the sculpture and it was stolen! No one has found it yet. I don't mean to get all mushy on you guys but it is Valentine's Day and if I get one single day to celebrate all of the love I have for my incredible man, I think that day would be then.

I do however, want to share a couple of ways that you can always strive to make everyday Valentine's Day because you don't need a certain day to make it special - but you don't need me telling you that! A few of my favorites are:

- Leave cute little notes to let him know you're thinking about him

- Tell each other you love them (Sounds silly but sometimes you forget in your busy life)

- Make weekend getaways a thing of NOW! They don't have to be expensive or extravagant either.

- Try a new local place together

- Support each other's hobbies

- Cook something together (Or cook something for him if he's had a rough day)

- Give him a back massage

- If he likes to play video games or play chess, challenge him to a duel

- Tell each other nice things - or that her butt looks good in those jeans

- Make together time a priority (Living together stuff does not count as together time)

- Make weekly date nights a thing

- Surprise him/her with flowers or literally anything just to show you care

- A box of doughnuts will also always work no matter what ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little post. Let me know what your plans are for Valentine's or if you have anything else to add to the list - I'd love to read them all! 

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